Save Money on Medicine at Pet Pharmacies

Many people treat their pet as a member of the family. They want to keep their dog or cat as healthy as possible. Full service online pet pharmacies are a great way to take care of your animal without breaking the proverbial piggy bank.

Pet Rx

Prescriptions for pets are very common now. Heartworm medicine, antibiotics, animal arthritis treatments and more can be found at a discount by purchasing through animal pharmacies. It may sound difficult to get a prescription this way, but they make every effort to make it easy. If you have your prescription you can mail it right to them. Alternatively, you can provide your veterinarian’s contact information to them and they will take care of it for you. Most offer free shipping with many orders and they can be made online or over the phone.

Over the Counter

Just like drugstores for people stock all kinds of medicinal needs, pet pharmacies do the same. Not many local stores stock a varied supply of over the counter medicines for animals. Online stores can afford to have many different brands on hand to meet customers needs. For example, there are many ways to prevent fleas and ticks for cats. A neighborhood farm store may have one or two options for dogs and cats, but not several for just the felines.

Pet Supplies

From squeezy, squeaky dog toys, to cozy cat pillows, pet pharmacies have it all. There are many specialty items that may be hard to find locally, but are always in stock online. Being able to purchase a specific type of treats for all your animals could be a bonus, as well. From beds and bowls to collars and scratch pads, you can find a large selection of anything you might be looking for.

Animal Advice

Pet drugstores also have staff that you can email for all your pet questions. They provide articles on all types of pet care from how to train your dog to treating dandruff in cats. With knowledgeable vets and vet assistants answering questions, you will be sure to purchase the right item for your specific needs.

Online pet pharmacies are a convenient way to purchase cat and dog medicines. They provide high quality service and great value. A large selection of pet supplies make it easy to buy whatever your animal needs. Being able to ask questions at any time about that extra member of the family can give wonderful peace of mind.